vaginal Ph test taken by nurse

April 11, 2011

1st anal sexgyn exam after anal fucking

Rachel went to the doctor’s because she had an asshole pain. That is beacause of the anal sex with her boyfrend ,Alex.He refused to have an ordinary sex with her coz he had a pain in his penis after sex without a condom, he also noticed a strange liquid on her pussy lips just before he was about to stick his penis into Rachel’s pussy.

vaginal ph test closeup

After an anal sex for the 1st time, Rachel’s ass was hurting for a 2 days already.
She visits Dr. Tushy to check out what exacly caused the problem.
The gyn adviced her to take a vaginal ph test as her vaginal juice might cause the prob.
She also checked Rachel rectum temperature with an anal thermometer and in the end

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