teen breast exam

August 31, 2013

He moved on to her breasts. He examined her pale areolas with the magnifying glass. They were small in diameter with tiny bumps around the perimiter. He looked at her tiny nipples. He used his finger to play with them and then watched in the magnifying glass as they turned a few shades darker and grew in size.

Once they were hard, he piched a nipple between his thumb and forefinger and pulled it up as far as he could. The young girl started to move her hands from behind her neck so she could stop him, but he warned her to keep them there. Her eyes closed in pain as he pulled her tiny nipple out further and further from her chest. He small breast was forming a cone shape now. When he had the nipple up as far as it would go, he measured the height of her breast with the ruler. Finally he let go. Her nipple was dark red now. He examined it under the magnifying glass and watched as it turned back to light red.

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