Pregnant gyno speculum exam

December 18, 2010

Brenda beamed as she watched the doctor warm his stethoscope in the palm
of his hand. He then slipped it against her chest, listening intently to
her heart. Brenda instinctively breathed in and out. This caused her
breasts to balloon up and down with each breath. The doctor listened for
any abnormalities as he moved the stethoscope around.   “Ok
everything seems normal there.  He added, placing the stethoscope on
the table beside him.

Have you been rubbing yourself with baby oil everyday Brenda? This
prevents stretch marks and keeps your skin nice a smooth. He asked as
he picked up bottle of baby oil from the table.

Yes doctor. Brenda lay there quietly while Doctor Robert’s squirted
generous amounts of oil into her belly button, and then with a gentle
touch began rubbing it all over her paunch belly.
 How’s that? He asked softly.

It actually feels very nice, you have soft hands.

“Have you been vigorously massaging your nipples like I showed you?
This is so you can nurse without pain when your baby comes. The doctor
asked as his fingers twisted and pulled on the erect nipples.
Yes doctor I have. Brenda answered with a grin.
Better your fingers toughen up your nipples then your baby’s hungry
mouth Brenda.”

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“Hhhhhmmmmm Brenda moaned as the nipple discharged milk droplets  from
his manipulations. The doctor then cupped her breast fully in his hand
and squeezed it from underneath.  This caused a stream of milk to squirt
from her breast staining the doctors white exam coat.   “Ohhhhh!
Doctor! Please suck on them now. You have to. I need it so badly,
Brenda cooed as she offered the doctor her leaking nipple.

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