first gyno exam infos for suckers

April 16, 2011
first gyno exam infos for suckers

My niece is nineteen and she had to go for her first gynecology exam before she can join her school volleyball team. She is apparently very embarrassed because of having to spread her legs in front of someone (I even think she never spread her legs in front of boys 🙂 only her pink glowing -oh so glamorous- dildo 🙂 She surfed the net the day before and printed some infos. An’ guess what? I sneaked to her room and stole one. I know that’s mean, but you better listen to your uncle – I know all ’bout gyno exams )

of all the shit I read on the printouts i liked the part ’bout the bimanual exam:

“During this part of gynecological examination the gynecologist will lubricate her/his two (second and third) fingers and put them into the vagina. The doctor will put another hand on the abdomen in order to palpate the uterus and ovaries and check for any swelling or growths.”

vaginal Ph test taken by nurse

April 11, 2011
vaginal Ph test taken by nurse

Rachel went to the doctor’s because she had an asshole pain. That is beacause of the anal sex with her boyfrend ,Alex.He refused to have an ordinary sex with her coz he had a pain in his penis after sex without a condom, he also noticed a strange liquid on her pussy lips just before he was about to stick his penis into Rachel’s pussy.

After an anal sex for the 1st time, Rachel’s ass was hurting for a 2 days already.
She visits Dr. Tushy to check out what exacly caused the problem.
The gyn adviced her to take a vaginal ph test as her vaginal juice might cause the prob.
She also checked Rachel rectum temperature with an anal thermometer and in the end

16 busty brunette gyno wmv videoz

March 31, 2011
16 busty brunette gyno wmv videoz

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Busty Girl Gyno Movies Long haired vagina with delicious tits is checked up by unexperienced nurse who hurts her ass while doing a rectal exam.

nurse victoria self gyno exam in pantyhose videos

March 27, 2011
nurse victoria self gyno exam in pantyhose videos

she is experienced nurse.
some fact about here before you watching her videos
1.she calls housekeeping when a patient throws up.
2.she doesn’t wear a name badge for liability reasons.
3.Victoria doesn’t chart enough.
4.She doesn’t want anyone to know she is a nurse, coz she like to play in gyno examination after work

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My gyno speculum videos

March 19, 2011
My gyno speculum videos

My first gynecology exam was kickass embarrassing. I grabbed the sheet and quickly pulled it up to cover my chest as I felt myself turn red as a beet. The nurse asked the doctor something which seemed to be about a patient who was in the hospital, acting as if I wasn’t even there.
Fortunately she left almost immediately and the doctor finished listening to my back as if nothing had just happened. She took the stethoscope out of her ears and told me she would do a breast exam next. Instead of having me lay back on the table like she did when I was there the first time, she had me remain sitting and asked me to raise my arms over my head, then place my hands on my hips and press down and then finally rest my arms at my side, while watching my breasts as I moved.To my surprise and embarrassment, once she was done checking my breasts, without any warning she pushed the sheet down to my thighs, leaving me fully exposed from my neck nearly to my knees. She began to push on my stomach and while she wasn’t rough, as she felt my stomach and intestines it was pretty uncomfortable because she pushed down deeply in some places. As I tried to look down at what she was doing, I could see my nipples were still pointing straight up. I got really uptight when she worked her way down further and had a shiver as she rubbed against my hair while pressing into my pelvis.

Then she told me to clasp my hands together behind my head and started feeling the one breast with her fingers, working around in a circle towards the center.

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vaginal enema porn movies

March 15, 2011
vaginal enema porn movies

Today we feature 4 milk enema videos. These movies are not regular enema style
they are taken from hd gyno movies

scene1:male doctor performs an embarrassing speculum examination of tattooed female patient vagina

scene2: young female gets her boobs examined by an experienced gyn

scene3: she is lying on her back and getting her body inspected, followed by vaginal cleaning.


milk dripping from her pussy after vaginal enema

scene 5:  hd gyno videous

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stupid chick gyno exam free tube movie

March 3, 2011

Silly medical exams

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Eclusive gyno story illustrated with videos

December 31, 2010
Eclusive gyno story illustrated with videos

After about 5 minutes there was a knock at the door. In walked Dr.
Freeman, a somewhat short 50-ish woman. We talked about my problems and
about the paperwork I need filled out. She looked at the records that I
brought with me, looked slightly puzzled, then handed them out the door
to her nurse, asking that the nurse fill everything out correctly while
she met with me.

She looked at my ears, my nose, and my throat and listened to my lungs
and my heart. She decided that it was allergies, but it had begun
working its way into an infection. She made some notes in my chart. She
then looked at me and informed me that as part filling out a
immunization form, she requires that her patients undergo a quick
physical. She asked if I had time, and I said it was no problem. Read more »

Pregnant gyno speculum exam

December 18, 2010
Pregnant gyno speculum exam

Brenda beamed as she watched the doctor warm his stethoscope in the palm
of his hand. He then slipped it against her chest, listening intently to
her heart. Brenda instinctively breathed in and out. This caused her
breasts to balloon up and down with each breath. The doctor listened for
any abnormalities as he moved the stethoscope around.   “Ok
everything seems normal there.  He added, placing the stethoscope on
the table beside him.

Have you been rubbing yourself with baby oil everyday Brenda? This
prevents stretch marks and keeps your skin nice a smooth. He asked as
he picked up bottle of baby oil from the table.

Yes doctor. Brenda lay there quietly while Doctor Robert’s squirted
generous amounts of oil into her belly button, and then with a gentle
touch began rubbing it all over her paunch belly.
 How’s that? He asked softly.

It actually feels very nice, you have soft hands.

“Have you been vigorously massaging your nipples like I showed you?
This is so you can nurse without pain when your baby comes. The doctor
asked as his fingers twisted and pulled on the erect nipples.
Yes doctor I have. Brenda answered with a grin.
Better your fingers toughen up your nipples then your baby’s hungry
mouth Brenda.”

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“Hhhhhmmmmm Brenda moaned as the nipple discharged milk droplets  from
his manipulations. The doctor then cupped her breast fully in his hand
and squeezed it from underneath.  This caused a stream of milk to squirt
from her breast staining the doctors white exam coat.   “Ohhhhh!
Doctor! Please suck on them now. You have to. I need it so badly,
Brenda cooed as she offered the doctor her leaking nipple.

exclisive gyno exam videos

November 17, 2010
exclisive gyno exam videos


“No, thank YOU!” she replied rather flirtatiously. I smiled at her with
a slightly cocked head, as if I were waiting for her to finish the
statement. But she just smiled, and I felt a little embarrassed. I can
flirt with the best of them, but in this setting, I was a little
uncomfortable and I think she sensed it. I asked what brought her here,
and she replied that it was time for her yearly visit. This type of
visit usually includes a breast exam and Papanicolaou (pap) smear (a
procedure where cells are removed from the cervix and adjacent areas,
and later examined under a microscope, in order to check for cancer). I
brought out a gown from a drawer under the examining table and handed it
to her, then excused myself to allow her to change.

After a few minutes, I returned to her room, knocked on the door, and
asked if she was ready. “Oh, I’m ready,” she replied. I entered to find
her sitting on the table, wearing the gown that I had given her, only
she was wearing it backwards, with the opening in front, untied. My face
obviously showed my surprise, and she smiled a very large grin. At this
point in my training, I had probably seen about 40 or 50 women, but none
had breasts like she had. I was unable to avoid eye contact with them,
and she noticed.

“You like them?…They’re new!” she said with excitement.
“Excuse me,” I said.
“My tits,” she continued, “do you like them?”
Exclisive club gyno exams
She really put me on the spot. I mean, I DID like them. They were nice
sized, did not sag at all, and were as tan as the rest of her lean body,
but it was rather forward of her to ask.

Forced gyno examination clips

November 13, 2010
Forced gyno examination clips

You wondered if the doctor would notice the change in you. He was very
handsome, you’d always thought – but very professional. As you sat in
the waiting room, you smiled to yourself, remembering the schoolgirl
crush you had always had on him. You figured it happened to almost every
woman – falling in love with her gynecologist – but your feeling hadn’t
dissipated. Here it was, a full year since you’d last visited him, and
you felt your heart beating faster just wondering if he still looked the
same. Talk about graying at the temples and all that! He had a
year-round tan which he maintained by skiing in the winter and sailing
in the summer. He was clean shaven and always looked spotless, with Paul
Newman blue eyes that added to his virile image. The short-sleeved
shirts he wore showed off his strong arms to their best advantage. The
nurse interrupted your daydreams by calling out your name. She led you
into one of the examining rooms where you were to remove all your
clothing. You started to disrobe but hadn’t quite finished when the door
opened and Doctor Gordon walked in There you were, in your bra, with one
foot in and one foot out of your bikini panties when you froze.
gyno exam clips

Free Gyno Movies Gallery
“Sorry,” he said, “I thought you were ready for me.”

“Uh, uh, that’s okay,” you muttered and hurried along.

Finishing quickly, you stood nude for a moment and thought you caught
him glance at you. You went up to the examining table and looked for the
robe that was usually there, but couldn’t find.

“Oh, I think we can dispense with that,” he said and offered you a hand
in getting up onto the table. “You seem to have reduced your weight
since I last examined you,” he remarked.

“Yes,” you said and silently cursed the blush that swept over you.

“No need to be embarrassed,” he said. “You look very well.”

“Thank you” was all you could think to say.

“Now move down to the end of the table and put your feet here,” he said.
He gently helped you move your hips to the edge as you got into position
for the examination. He began to professionally knead and prod your
breasts. As he finished, you could have sworn you felt his hand brush
past your nipples. But surely you must have imagined it…. Then he
moved down to the end of the table for the internal. He was very gentle
and thorough and asked several routine questions. Then his questions
took a different turn. Read more »

Speculum gyno videos

November 1, 2010
Speculum gyno videos

I think most women secretly hate their breasts. No matter how big or
small, we seem to focus all our ill feelings on these delightful organs.
Mine were always a sore point, and I always dressed conservatively to
hide my smallish 36 Bs from everyone. My husband knew better than to pay
much attention to them during our lovemaking -he knew I did not like him
to pay attention to such unworthy boobs! I cringed anytime he touched
them! Dave was always after me, telling it was just not normal and that
he wanted me to be happy with my body and enjoy our lovemaking to the
fullest. Finally one day, he had had it. He came home early and told me
that we were going to see a special doctor. He had always been so good
to me, and this was the one part of our lives that bothered us. I
figured he was going to take me to a shrink….

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The clinic looked like so many others – that clean-cut building with
lots of glass and modern sculptures. Dave signed us in, and we sat down
in the cool waiting room. Odd, but I didn’t notice any signs – my mind
was working over what I was going to tell this doctor so that everyone
would leave me alone. A uniformed nurse called our names a few minutes
later and ushered us to a beautifully paneled office with a discrete
exam table off to one side and a screen in one corner. Soft music, plush
carpet and quiet lighting all forced me to relax. I knew we were just
here to talk. Read more »

Teen physical exam movies

October 17, 2010
Teen physical exam movies

“So, Miss Cydney, what brings you to my office today?”

“Well, Dr., I’ve had this slight pain in my tummy and I was hoping you
could tell me what it is.”

“Sounds fair enough, shall we get started with the exam now?”

Without waiting for my answer Dr. Don begins his exam by using his
stethoscope to listen to my lungs. “I’m going to have to loosen your
gown, Cydney, so don’t be alarmed if it falls to your lap.” With that,
the strings are pulled and the gown slips from my shoulders to the tops
of my breasts. “Take a deep breath now and let it out slowly, please.”
I repeat this twice more for him and he seems fine with the results. I
wonder if he can tell how excited I am, can he tell by my breathing or
by how fast my heart is racing? Dr. Don steps in closer to me at my
side. “I’m going to drop the gown to your lap as it is in my way.”
As he’s telling me this I feel his hands slide the fabric down my
breasts and over my nipples. With stethoscope in hand, he moves in even
closer, so close I can hear his somewhat ragged breathing in my ear. He
gently places the stethoscope against my breast, moving it around and
over my nipple. Same for the other side. Without a word he gently lays
me back onto the table and begins listening to my tummy. Dr. D moves the
stethoscope around listening very intently as he goes. “Now I’m going to
palpitate your abdomen and see if we can discover what’s bothering you.
I need you to relax Cydney, take a deep breath and let it out slowly for
me, please.”
I feel your fingers and hands touching me and I’m aching for you to
touch me in other places!!! You move from side to side but as you gently
push onto my lower left side I let out a slight yelp.

“I’m sorry if I hurt you but I’m trying to be as gentle as I can. One
more time and I promise that’s it. Relax now…there you go…take
another deep breath and let it out slowly.”

As I do you push firmly onto the same area and I answer with an even
bigger yelp! “Okay, all done now. I’m sorry if I caused you any pain.
Let’s move on, shall we? It’s time for me to take your temperature so
I’ll need you to lay on your tummy for me, please.”

first gyno exam story and videos

October 13, 2010
first gyno exam story and videos

Brenda’s mother had made an appointment for her with my office for a pre-college physical examination. The appointment was on a Wednesday afternoon after school, when the nineteen year-old would be available. Brenda hadn’t been in to see me for the past several years since her family had moved away to another state. But now they had returned, and Brenda would become my patient once again.

gyno videos gallery

The last time I saw her, I recalled, was when she was about fourteen and had just entered puberty. Her old charts indicated she was a normal, healthy child with no remarkable diseases or physical abnormalities. On that particular Wednesday I was finishing up with another physical, this one of a male high school teen who needed an examination for the sports program. My receptionist notified me that Brenda had arrived, so I instructed my nurse, Amanda, to show her into the vacant examination room and I would be with her momentarily. My nurse had been with me for awhile now, so she knew what was required as far as preparation of a patient before I saw them. She had Brenda remove her clothes behind the screen in the corner, allowing her to keep her panties on. She was told to don the hospital gown hanging nearby…the type with the open back that came down to about mid-thigh. “All set, Brenda?” Amanda asked. “Good. Why don’t you come over here so I can weigh and measure you. The doctor will be in soon.” Brenda padded over to the scale in her bare feet and stepped on. The nurse noted her height and weight on the chart, then walked her over to the exam table. “Hop up on the table so I can take your temperature, pulse and blood pressure,” the nurse said. Brenda hopped up and adjusted the gown to cover her breasts and tucked it in between her legs in an effort to maintain her modesty. The nurse shook down the thermometer and inserted it in Brenda’s mouth.

“Close your mouth and keep it under your tongue until I take it out.” The nurse proceeded to count her pulse and respiration’s, and finally took the blood pressure. After releasing the blood pressure cuff, she extracted the thermometer from Brenda’s mouth and held it up to read it. A frown came over her face. “It seems this thermometer isn’t working, or else you were breathing through your mouth, young lady. It’s reading well below normal, and I can tell from your color and feel of your skin that you’re not hypothermic. We’ll just have to do this another way,” the nurse explained. The nurse went to the counter where Brenda could see several covered jars sitting on top. The nurse reached into a light blue jar and took out another thermometer. This one looked a bit different, with a rounded tip instead of the normal elongated one. She grabbed a white toothpaste-like tube and a small box of tissues and came back to the exam table. “I’m going to have you stand up right here, Brenda, OK?” the nurse asked as she indicated to stand in front of the exam table. “OK, now turn around and bend over the table…you can grab the other side with your hands if you want.” At this command, Brenda started to wonder what was going on. “Wh..what are you going to do?” Brenda asked apprehensively. “Since the oral thermometer wasn’t working, I’m going to have to take your temperature rectally. This is the best way to get an accurate reading. And the doctor insists on accurate temperatures.” “ you really have to do it that way. I mean…there must be another way to do it,” Brenda stammered. She just knew that she was going to be embarrassed to have her bottom exposed to a complete stranger.

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“Nonsense, Brenda. It’s a simple, painless procedure that we do here all the time. Now please bend over the table for me,” the nurse replied. Brenda reluctantly bent over the table as the nurse shook down the rectal thermometer and began smearing a clear lubricant over its length. Read more »

ebony teen gyno exam video

October 11, 2010
ebony teen gyno exam video

The Nurse produced a little device that had a small wheel on the end of
it with teeth, about the size of a dime. She used this to first roll it
up and down the insides of my legs to test for sensitivity. Then she
rubbed it between my asscheeks and over my balls – what a feeling that
was! But, next, it was to be rolled over my penis and, finally, over the
head of my penis. That actually produced a different kind of pleasure –
a sort of pleasure pain that is hard to describe. I was becoming so
sensitive that The Nurse actually had me screaming with pleasure and
some pain (strange as that may seem). She asked me which area was the
most sensitive. I could only tell her that I liked it between my cheeks
and over my penis, yet, they were different sensations. She stopped with
the toothed wheel and produced a rubber reflex hammer, holding my penis
in her hand and tapping on it with the hammer. She also cupped my balls
in her hand and lightly tapped on them…something about a light
pressure on the balls that also induces an erotic pleasure/pain. As I
write this, it sounds kind of dumb; all I can say is that, at the time,
it was quite appropriate and felt great.

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As The Nurse was moving about the room, I would catch occasional
glimpses of her thighs or her panties and I confessed to her that I was
ashamed of myself for looking at her. She verbally chastised me but,
nonetheless, continued with her exam. The next device that she produced
is called a TENS (I guess short for “tension”). It is an electrical
stimulation device. She got it all hooked up and then it was one, two,
now three fingers probing my asshole. Once she got my asshole expanded,
she inserted a clear plastic probe, about 1″ wide and 6″ long. This
probe was hooked up to the box and as she made adjustments, I began to
feel a pulsing in my asshole against my prostate.

Apparently the box has a timed program cycle, because it would pulse for
a while, then it would just vibrate, and then it would feel as though
the probe was expanding. Since the probe was of hard plastic, it
actually wasn’t doing anything, and all of the sensations I was feeling
were electrical impulses. It really doesn’t matter how the sensations
were produced – they felt great!

Back on the exam table, The Nurse had been stroking my penis, but now
she wanted to know how I masturbated. This is very humiliating – to be
exposed on the exam table in the stirrups, a probe in your asshole, and
the nurse is asking you to masturbate for her! I reluctantly began to
describe to her what I do when I masturbate, but she wanted me to show
her. I raised my hand to my chest and started rubbing my nipples and my
belly – then, lower to wrap my hand around my penis (or is it a cock
when it gets hard?). I used my right hand to pump my cock and my left
hand to slide up and down my belly and over my nipples. The Nurse
noticed this, that my nipples were sensitive to light pinching, and she
placed medical tweezers on each nipple. I had never had this done
before, but I certainly liked it. What is it about a little light pain
that enhances sexual arousal?

exclusive gyno examination vagina closeups

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