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June 4, 2010


I was greeted at the door by The Nurse Mistress, a slender woman of 32 years old. She is built on a small frame, although she stood tall in a long red dress and black heels. She has a fair complexion and has auburn colored hair, shoulder-length and in a pony tail on this day. I was invited into her living room where she had me sit down and we got acquainted – a bit on a personal level and a bit on a “professional” level, that is, she was finding out what my past experiences were and what I had in mind for today’s session. I shared with her the fact that I had been to the Sherema Gyno Clinic in Los Angeles on several occasions and that there was also a Nurse Geneva in Hollywood whom I visit when I’m in the area now that Sherema no longer exists.

It was important for me to make very clear to The Nurse Mistress that the medical scenario was critical, however, the nervousness and humiliation of being examined and exposed in front of the nurse was not to be overlooked. At the same time, however, I do not lean toward D/s, B&D, or S&M but that an exam scenario sort of touches each of these areas. Had I known the expert that The Nurse Mistress is, I could have saved my breath explaining this to her…

She led me downstairs where my eyes popped out at the sight of her examining room. She told me to get undressed and she provided me with a hospital gown. I was beginning to realize that this was going to be a great session. The Nurse Mistress went back upstairs to become the Nurse Mistress. I removed all of my clothes except my underpants (I like to leave them on and have the nurse tell me to take it off) and donned the hospital gown. I soon heard The Nurse coming down the stairs and soon she was standing in the examination room with me. I greeted her as the Nurse and questioned whether she would be conducting the examination. She told me that the doctor was busy…and so the hesitancy on my part began.

The Nurse had me sit at the foot of the examining table while she listened to my chest and back with her stethoscope. She loosened the gown and let it fall to my waist. She stood at the foot of the examining table looking for something in the drawers when she noticed that I still had my underpants on. They were to come off and The Nurse was very insistent about that. I stood up from the examining table and, while she watched, removed my underpants. Then it was back up on the table – this time, lying back with my legs in the stirrups.

I tired to cover myself with the gown, but it was no use. The Nurse raised the gown above my waist and began to examine my genitals. I forgot to mention that her exam room has a mirror on the ceiling and a mirror on the wall which faces the foot of the exam table? You don’t miss a thing! I saw The Nurse putting on exam gloves and the next thing I know is that she’s rubbing lube (not KY jelly but some sort of liquid that came out of a bottle) between my asscheeks and then I feel her finger sliding into my asshole. It probes deeply and she inserts two fingers — in and out of my asshole. It feels so good and she is using her other hand to lightly stroke my penis. While this is going on, she is asking the very humiliated and ashamed patient to tell her about his fantasies, his masturbating, etc. The session was so good that I am having trouble remembering exactly what happened when – you’ll just have to trust me on that one!

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