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July 29, 2010

update 6
I closed my eyes and slid off the tattered sweat shirt, then slithered out of the sports bra. I felt my breasts fall free. Then I felt the doctor’s slim warm hands on them, gently pushing, prodding. “Arch your back, please, and put your hands behind your neck.” I did so. I felt her gently massaging each breast with a different hand, and it sent jolts down to my pussy. I couldn’t even think. Most of this seemed no different from regular exam, except she was so much gentler and much more attractive than anyone else who’d fondled me. The cuff of her smock brushed my right nipple and it did the diamond trick, again thrilling me and I stiffened. ….

Still swaying my hips, I rolled my shorts down to my ankles and stepped away from them, naked as I don’t wear underwear with those shorts. I straighten slowly and looked into her face. She was smiling but her expression hadn’t changed all that much.

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