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June 22, 2011

The doc stated that I had good sexual response in that manner and then picked up a very large, intimidating speculum. I gasped and muttered that I never required a large in previous exams. He told me it was the only size they had at this time. My hubby was basking at the sight of me and the doc must have been able to sense this. He turned and asked hubby if he would like to insert it. Hubby donned some rubber gloves and doc proceeded to lubricate my pussy with some K-Y. He then told my hubby to slide the speculum in and open it wide. I immediately felt stretched to no end.
My pussy was aching and burning from the large metal intruder. I must have cried out because the doc started rubbing my legs and told me to just relax and take it in. Hubby then returned to my side as the doc finished the exam and took the necessary samples. I could see how tight the crotch of his Levis still were. he leaned down and gave me a full open mouthed kiss. I then felt the speculum slide out leaving my pussy feeling empty. gyno exam hardcoreI could tell that my juices had started to flow again. The doc then proceeded to perform a rectal exam. I felt his lubed finger slide in to my tight hole and immediately clenched my butt muscles.
He told me to relax and it would be much more comfortable. Then asked my hubby if we engaged in anal sex. Hubby answered truthfully yes very rarely, but yes we had. Doc explained he needed to do a more in depth exam of my rectum to make sure we had been careful and no injuries had occurred. medical fetish hardcore
He reached for a different looking speculum that I had never seen before and  explained he would be able to look more closely. I knew better than to object so I just nodded and kept my mouth shut. He added more K-Y to his glove and inserted not one but two of his fingers up my butt. Hubby started to rub my ass cheeks and i felt my body relax. A third finger entered and I eagerly accepted it. I could tell by the look on my hubby’s face that he was almost to the point of creaming his jeans. The doc started fucking my ass with his fingers telling me I had good relaxation with receiving anal stimulation. He withdrew his fingers leaving me empty and frustrated. He slid the speculum up my butt with no problem and opened it wide. doctor tushy I felt some pain and groaned out loud. Taking slow deep breaths I let the doc do his job. Soon the pain was gone and I was again enjoying the feeling of something up my ass. I wanted so badly to rub my clit at this point. Then the tool was gone leaving me feeling empty and frustrated again. My pussy was creaming and I knew my face must be flushed. The doc told my hubby things looked fine, but he would really like to see him actually butt fuck me to make sure. I was not objecting this time! I had to have a dick in my ass so badly that I could have cared less if an army observed! My hubby is a very private person and I almost expected him to punch the doc at such a suggestion. Instead hubby immediately removed his Levis exposing his very large aching erection.

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