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August 15, 2011
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If you purchase devices made for the purpose of electronic stimulation, they often come with the leads necessary to connect them up. Unfortunately, most of these units use different connectors than the erotic devices. Further, not even all TENS units use the same connectors among themselves. I’ve found it best to standardize on one type of connector for the toys and make up adapter cables to connect them to various stimulation units.
Most of the erotic accessories use a 3.5mm mini plug so I simply purchased (or had made) adapter cables that go from say my TENS unit to a 3.5mm mini jack. That way I can plug in any number of different accessories without needing special cables for each one. Again, if you’re buying any of the erotic accessories (anal electrodes, etc.) the dealer should be able to help you out with cables. If you’re using an erotic “box” you probably won’t have any compatibility problems or may only need a simple adapter..

If you’re improvising with electrodes, or wiring together more than one electrode in combination, you might want to purchase a set of “clip leads” from your local electronic supplier. These are short wire leads with an insulated alligator clamp at each end. They’re very useful for more advanced electro play.

Some devices can be damaged if the output is shorted out (i.e. both leads touch each other). The better engineered devices will survive such treatment, but some of the erotic toys and cheap offshore EMS/TENS units have been known to fail. This is another good reason for having the device turned off while connecting (or disconnecting) things.

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