First pelvic examination

June 19, 2010

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I was shocked and asked what this exam would involve knowing as I had assisted the doctor on one occasion with a complete female physical that I was not going to like what she would tell me. Well, I was told that I should not get upset and that it would involve a pap smear and pelvic exam if that was what I was wondering. I was immediately trembling I was so nervous. You see I had dreaded this exam for a long time I could not imagine what it would be like to be totally naked and laying on a table for anyone to look at.thermometer in her ass

Well, I was talked into it and went to the exam room to get ready. The full time assistant was very nice and told me to go ahead and undress and put on an exam gown. I removed my top and my bra and put on the gown then I took off my shoes and socks (didn’t know I could have kept them on) I finally took of my uniform pants and left my panties on. I walked out into the exam room and saw a tray that was set up for a complete gyn examines pussy

I really got nervous seeing that and knowing it was set up for me. The assistant came in and then I noticed that there were two speculums on the tray she told me to choose the one that would be used on me explaining that if I had never inserted anything in my vagina I would want the small one called a virginal speculum. I had never had anything in there not even a tampon so I told her I wanted the small one. She told me to get up on the table and set she put a sheet in my lap as the gown just barely covered my bottom she saw my panties and told me I could go ahead and take them off now .

I felt very exposed, cold and embarrassed. I was told to wait for the doctor. The doctor stepped in the room with the assistant and told me to settle down that this would be over soon and would be very easy if I would try and relax. She had me lay down on the table and she lowered the top of the gown to look at my breasts I turned my head as she felt of my breasts and checked them for lumps and such, she said all was fine then she lowered the gown all the way down to the top of my pubic area I felt completely naked but was still dreading having the lower half done so it still wasn’t as bad as it was going to get. She felt around on my tummy and ask if I had any pain which I did not so she pulled the gown back up and helped me put my arms back into it.

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