September 18, 2013

He said well if you have no more questions why don’t we get started. He moved down to the end of the table between my opened legs which were still in the stirrups, and seated himself on a stool, placing the stimulator on the table next to him. I could see him once again pick up the tube of lubricant and apply a generous gob to the probe.

I heard his voice saying “I am going to insert the probe now, bear down, and relax”. I felt his fingers spreading my cheeks apart and felt the coolness of the lubricated probe against my anus.

“Breath deeply” I heard him saying and felt the probe pressing inward. I gasped a bit as I felt myself stretching to accommodate its size, I could see it slipping into me in the monitor above, it was about 2/3’s of the way in and I had never been filled like this before. Watch more videos of kinky exams at gyno clinic

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